Sanitary without shame, nigeria 2019


GOAM believes that something as simple as a sanitary pad can change a woman’s life! This inspired our  “Sanitary Without Shame” appeal, an project devoted to donating pads and tampons to the world's most vulnerable women. In many disadvantaged communities, a woman’s period is a time of humiliation as primitive traditions have made this natural cycle a source of taboo. The ultimate consequence of this is that young girls miss up to 12 weeks of school a year and often turn to marriage as it is their only means of survival. This perpetuates a cycle of powerless and vulnerable women in male dominant societies. Such an imbalance often begets violence and abuse against women. GOAM aspires to promote being “sanitary without shame” and advocate action towards a world where girls are not limited by their period. 

Menstrual Hygiene Day

In hopes of breaking the cycle of poor menstrual hygiene and persisting social stigmas,  GOAM, in collaboration with the Centre for Children’s Health Education, Orientation and Protection (CEE-HOPE), a Nigerian NGO that works with vulnerable children especially girls, hosted a one-day conference in Lagos. This drew about 250 children from 15 schools across Lagos and Ogun States as well as medical personnel, activists, teachers and journalists. The conference marked ‘International Menstrual Hygiene Day’ 2019. GOAM donated 300 packets of sanitary pads to school girls on this occasion and has since, with the help of the generous Australian community, collected one years supply of sanitary pads/tampons for 200 Nigerian women and girls at risk. Sanitary packs will be distributed in honour of Menstrual Hygiene Day, 2020. On this occasion, GOAM will shed light on the introduction of Tampons and education around its use. 


Due to current border restrictions posed by COVID-19, sanitary shipments to Nigeria remain on hold until further notice.